An introduction to my work.

I am interested in how we experience life and all its influences,our influence on our community whether large or small, our communities historical influence on ourselves, the effect of narrative and meta-narratives, what we learn, what we believe and how we reach those beliefs, in short what makes us who we are.

This first example of my work is an installation from eighteen months ago, more details about my work can be found on my website at There are all ready enough theories, ideas, beliefs, information about how they are reached, etc. etc in all media these days as well as the internet so once this introduction to my work is over I shall endeavour to concentrate on the work I make and why I made it and leave the work to speak for itself with minimal in depth analysis, I make work because I am an artist. The piece below is an introduction to the maker in me.

“The quest of Alonso Quijano in the post-modern; escape from the guardians”. explores the relationship between today’s many “Establishments” and ourselves,  the control they exert and our ongoing struggle to favour the ideals we like and challenge those with which we disagree with. The piece comprises a figure made from pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica seeking to escape undesired authority, but tied to its influence through the narratives and history  recorded with language. The work also explores  the subtle ways in which language and its functional mechanisms influences our actions and the choices we make.

The second work is a set of four abstract panels “Tidal Variations”.

 This piece was created through an examination of determinist principles. The shape of the waters edges is based on a graph of a roughly two week repeating pattern of tidal variations, the peaks and troughs vary in size with each passing cycle but the shape remains the same. On each panel is a small irregular coloured shape representing an object found on Skegness beach at that time in the cycle. These can be seen more easily in the larger individual panel pages. This work is available with each of the four found objects.

Tommorow I will introduce you to a new series of paintings I am making.

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