The current project.

I am working towards an exhibition at the Red Dot Gallery in Lincoln in May, I am making a series of paintings which reflect work in the agricultural sector. I live and work in a rural community, and it is nice to create work that reflects what goes on around me. Work that feeds the country and makes the landscape what it is. The first work is not in my own local community but is based on the apple harvest at a friends farm in Oize, France, a place I have loved visiting for years now.

I was over there a couple of weeks ago and made a few sketches and took some photographs, while watching and sketching the machine that aides the pickers, I was struck by the difference of the solid linear appearance of the machine and the natural shapes and curves of fruit and trees, and so was drawn to a cubist style of painting which I will use throughout the series looking at various crops being harvested.

  This is the machine that allows the pickers to continually pick apples making the process much quicker.

There are three levels for pickers to stand on so that all the tree is reached easily and the moving arms take the apples gently to a central conveyer belt where the are gently led to a large rotating storage box at the back of the machine.

Below are initial sketches made on site.

Charcoal Sketch of machine and pickers.
Initial Sketches from around the farm.
The very first stage of painting, once the drawing had been transferred to the canvas

The shapes I am using are quite definite, and so when I use the term cubist I use it quite loosely, because I want them quite define, even at this under-painting stage I find I am only able to cover a quarter of the canvas each day, so this could take about three weeks to finish.

Had a good day today and got a bit more done! I will post another image in a couple of days so that you can watch it develop.

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