Diamond Jubilee Event.

We had the monthly Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday night, (I am a Parish Councilor), and we made some steps towards having an event on the Village green next year to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. This could be great fun. We have had offers of support from various families in the village and so will hopefully be able to get a first Event meeting set up before Christmas to get the ball rolling.

The main concern of the meeting was the planning application for an Anaerobic Digester to be sited in Addlethorpe Business Park,  the Parish Council objected to the proposal (unanimously), for many reasons, poor infrastructure, we have small village roads and large lorries impact adversely on road edges, there has been no Environmental Impact assessment and Lincolnshire County Council are having problem with odour and noise at a site in the south of the county. The digesters and so presumably the generators will be working 24/7, the waste is being collected from local caravan site and so will have through it glass and aluminium which will need to be sorted and that waste removed from the site. Because of the nature of the waste there is concern that the rats and flies problems that were there in the past will return. The primary cause for concern is the sites close proximity to local houses, 7 houses within 150mts and 50+ within 250mts, and European guideline propose that there should be no private dwellings within 250mts of Anaerobic Digesters.. East Lindsey District Council defered its decision and the planning application will be heard again in November.

We will keep you posted.

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