Stolen Artworks; the search is on.

I am a cat person, recently I lost a cat on the road outside my house, that’s life, cats don’t do road sense. So when I got a new rescue cat ‘Poppy’ I though I would improve her chances and so came up with these signs.

cats crossing

‘They say ‘Cats Crossing’ on one side and ‘Thank You’ on the other. Last night a third one was stolen, one was stolen a week ago another earlier in the summer. Due to my frugal nature there is no reward for information about the whereabouts of these signs but if you do happen to see them I would love to know what part of the world they get to.

The last two I concreted in, but obviously not well enough, have one left so here’s hoping it will last.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the minutiae  of my daily life, you will fine a couple of cat images on my animals page I have recently updated, please do share the link if you have time.

have a good one, regards Malcolm.

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