Cathedrals, (oil on paper bonded to fibreboard, 98cm x 110cm)
Cathedrals, (oil on paper bonded to fibreboard, 98cm x 110cm)

“Man is what he believes.” ― Anton Chekhov

Cathedral definition: the largest and most important church in the diocese, from Latin cathedra “seat”.

I have a cathedral; it is the seat of my views, my view of the world, and my interpretation of existence. The lesser churches within the diocese can present conflicting viewpoints, the Cathedral endeavours to provide a sense of entity, of oneness from these disparate elements.

I used to think that truths and ideals that form my cathedral were solid definable elements that engage to form a single whole; some contemporary philosophers dispute the existence of the “self”. I can understand that view because knowledge, learning, place, mood, circumstances and relationships, or changes within these deny me definable edges to the various ideals and belief that are my cathedral.

It is the paradox of the certainty and oneness I feel and the uncertainty of the views that form that certainty that was the primary driver in the making of this work.