It was Fate, that brought me here ………


Fate: The Three Moirai.

Oil on Canvas, with found watch dials and sand built into the frame, Image size: 49,5 x 39.5cms., Fame size: 69.5 x 51 x 5cms. Completed January 2020, inscribed bottom left, signed on the land the tangle eft side of the canvas on stretcher frame.

The Moirai were three ancient Greek Goddesses who embodied the destiny and fate of everyone. They were Klotho, the spinner who spun the thread of life, Lahkesis who allotted the portion and Atropos who cut it short.

The three ribbons in the work allude to each of these facets of life and the tangle we struggle with daily. The spheres are symbols of life and living, and whilst much of the time I feel in control of my destiny the more I look back the more I see how much chance and circumstances play in our lives. Some choices we make will be successful and seem to be made completely by our will but they are also dictated by the circumstances around us at the time, and at other times it seems we cant achieve or get to where we want to be because of circumstances beyond our control.

in a few parts of the image the ribbons purposely do not follow the correct visual path and seem to go through what should be the solid vertical stripes of the background.

On a personal level I have never really had a destination or sacred achievement in mind for my life, just seem to enjoy the journey, but it is extremely important to me in my own way to try to leave the world a slightly better place than when I arrived all be it in a small way, and it will be a small way!  Sometimes when I see what is going on in the world I wonder if making art is a positive contribution, but this world is a wonderful place, so I keep trying. I am aware that for a great many people this is not the case but when I think about the complexity of the natural world with its diversity of species, the ability of man to create history through language and learning, (animals don’t have histories), and to develop the world though politics, this world, this universe never ceases to amaze me, and the very fact that I exist, given the random nature of reproduction over generations never mind the last three or four millennia or many generations is remarkable and able to contemplate this world and universe is something that inspires me. The world I aspire to better is more than just the physical world but the world as imagined by all humanity, how we see and deal with each other, how we see the universe, who decides what we are taught, how : and annotated by humanity. Making sense of this imagined world is what interests me and inspires me to make work.

These seems like “grand ideals” but they are in fact just life.

About the Work: The work is oil on canvas in a handmade frame with old pocket watch dials built into the top of the frame, the first of which I found on the beach nearby. Time is a human construct and has to pass for the “Fates” to act so the hands there are no hands the dials, there are four hands on the bottom left of the frame hinting at different timescales as to how and when things occur. In the painted image there are a few parts where the ribbons purposely do not follow the correct visual path and seem to go through what should be the solid vertical stripes of the background.