“Heaven and Earth, Implicated”.

“Heaven and Earth, Implicated”. Acrylic on Canvas,
Image: 75 x 110 x 3 (cms), Frame: 81.5 x 116.5 x 4.5 (cms)

I have dabbled in poetry for donkey’s years but never created anything that struck me as worthy, but this following piece I wrote recently (its merit I admit debatable), however I liked it and it gave rise to this painting.

I have always admired this painting, “The Kiss” by Max Ernst, in some of his work he would
throw pieces of string or rope onto a grid and transfer the shapes with the use of a grid to his canvas and make images using the random shapes provided but that was his base he would always select and amend the random as we can all do with life’s random events.

So this is the process I used to create the work but instead of using string I used a video of a starling murmuration, I stopped the video in numerous places but eventually selected three images and traced the lines around the shapes the murmuration made. When I arrived at the next stage I found that the two I used gave me what I wanted, and after a little manipulation found a linear image that interested me. (See photos below).

The murmuration images.
The process to the final linear image which reminded me of a landscape but also strongly of somewhere safe.

In the final image the element seeming to guard the smaller entity but he is looking out beyond it, This world is an amazing place but it does not safeguard you, there are catastrophic natural disasters, pandemics, etc.. This current pandemic had no place in the creation of this work but is perhaps apposite, but it could so “easily” be a safer haven. It is as people we define heaven, which can mean many things to different people but we could also do better there which is why I find both “Heaven and Earth, implicated”, but I also find so much hope for the future.