Two Finches

Two Finches

In late September looking out my kitchen window I saw these two male gold finches squabbling over territory and I was struck be the fact that as I watched them I only saw or registered the bright coloured sections of the birds as they darted about really quickly. I knew the shape of the bird and I knew their wings beating but I could not see those things because of the speed of the birds so what I recognised was a combination of the visual with all ready stored knowledge because when I was looking it seemed like I could see the shape of the birds and the wings beating.

This was the starting point for the painting you see above, above are some early sketches from the development of the work.

Cornelia Parker at the Usher Gallery.

I got a chance to go through to the Usher Gallery this week and found this lovely installation by Cornelia Parker, it is well worth a visit if you get the chance. Like much of her work it speaks to the one inside you that words dont easily reach or arouse.

In the room as the viewer circles the piece air currrents and convection from heating cause the stones to move, yet they never seem to touch, even the smaller stones which have the greatest movment seem to avoid other stones close by. I like the sense of perspective by size of stone, I like the inclination I cant explain that these factors are simple pleasing to me.

There is no deep meaning for me in this just a powerful piece of work that engaged me and reflected in some small way a little about life.