Next Exhibition “In Search of the Purple Fish”

from Tuesday 15th of June to Sunday 20th June 2021 at the North Sea Observatory Gallery, Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, PE24 5XA. The gallery is open from 10.0am – 4.00pm. Below is the venue which overlooks the North Sea, there is a Pay and Display Car Park directly behind the venue.

Charity Fundraiser: The souvenir catalogue produced to accompany the exhibition is for sale at £5.00, all the proceeds from the sale of the catalogue are going to the Royal Papworth Hospital Charity along with 10% of all sales and the proceeds from the raffle of the oil painting “Trunch Lane” a view of the beach and north sea from Trunch Lane, located about one mile south of the venue. The painting can be seen in the tiled gallery below, 5th row down adjacent to “Archimedian Spiral”. Details of how to enter will be posted nearer to the exhibition opening date.

Adjacent are a selection of some of the pieces that will be on show during the exhibtion.

About the Exhibtion “Our English word purple comes from Latin purpureus, which comes from Greek porphyra, a noun denoting the purplefish. This sea mollusk, properly the purple limpet or murex, was the source from which all purple and red dyes were obtained in antiquity. But the purplefish had another name in ancient Greek, namely kalche, and from this word was derived a verb and a metaphor and a problem for translators. The verb kalchainein, “to search for the purplefish,” came to signify profound and troubled emotion: to grow dark with disquiet, to seethe with worries, to search in the deep of one’s mind, to harbour dark thoughts, to brood darkly”(Source Wikipedia).

All the work in the exhibition is an exploration of my own beliefs and the mythologies that inform them. They also have one other thing in common they are all inspired by places and objects found on the East Lincolnshire Coast. The themes that inform the various works are belief, being, determinism, mathematics, seeing, understanding, narrative and myth. These ideas are explored through individual pieces but go together to form a self-portrait of my inner being with all it’s contradictions.

The exhibition comprises work made from 2006 to the present day and is a record of my own “Search for the Purple Fish” I have found no definitive answers bujt gained some small understanding of the human condition, contentment in myself and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I hope you enjoy the work.