Play it Again Sam

Play it again Sam.

Medium: Oil on canvas with found and made objects.
Approx. dimensions in cm: 200 x 200 x 300
Year made: 2006.
.About the work: We think we speak the English, or French, of today. But our English or French language of today is of yesterday and elsewhere. The miracle is that language has not been cut from its archaic roots — even if we do not remember, our language remembers, and what we say began to be said three thousand years ago. Inversely language has incorporated our own times, before even we know, the most recent elements, linguistic and semantic particles blown by the present winds. Hélène Cixous
This is an extract from a reader critiquing the ‘deconstruction’ movement from 1960’s France, now out of favour with many but still a favourite of some. Within the confusion of the language which we use to construct the narratives and traditions we base our beliefs on, myth as well as fact becomes part of the narrative.
The expression “Play it again Sam” comes from the film “Casablanca” featuring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, but Bergman never said the words ‘play it again Sam’, she said ‘play it Sam, play it’, but it is the myth which has become the reality and is used by even those who are aware of this inaccuracy.
The scattered piano keys suggest it is impossible to ‘play it again’, for anything to be played again the keys need to be in order, this points to the paradox in deconstruction as it needs to use the language it deconstructs with all its vagaries to pass on its ideology. The constant tick of the metronome makes one aware of the passage of time passing as the piece is viewed.

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